Huge acquisition!

Huge acquisition!

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He welcomed cancer to his body


This morning, I talked to a friend who said when he found out he had advanced cancer, he welcomed it to his body. He also told me that freedom is letting go and living in the moment

We all have a choice to gently embrace life or fight it like an angry monster. The angry monster approach is deeply programmed into most of it. The only chance we have of gently embracing life is to compassionately smile at things as they arise in our mind. This requires meditation. I meditate on the nature of sound by simply sitting and paying attention to the sound inside of my ears, not the sounds outside my ears. Our hearing nature never stops and goes based on external sounds. It’s always there just like the sky is always there. After 15-20 minutes of paying attention to my hearing nature, my body and mind calm down. When thoughts arise, I try to remember to gently accept them. 

We all want happiness and freedom from suffering but most of us don’t know how to get it. It cannot be attained from money, power, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll. Well okay, maybe from rock-n-roll :-). I’m kidding. The point is happiness can really only happen when we closely nurture the natural purity of our minds. Our mind is nothing more than knowing. Knowing is our true essence. Our true essence is not “I am Jason” or I am a Dad. Those are fabricated labels. Study your mind. It’s only pure naked awareness. It’s as perfect as the clear sky, but we infect it by hanging on too hard to our likes and dislikes. 

Meditate and let go. Gently accept life’s arising events like my wise and brave friend who accepted cancer. 

Be like this cat who is just a cat. Nothing more. No thoughts. No goals. Well maybe to be petted and fed. But no big stories about this and that.  No stories about being “not good enough”. Just pure cat nature. Be cat. Her name is BOO 

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Radical Acceptance

Most of us struggle with quite a bit in life.  The typical scenarios we suffer from include not getting that promotion, breaking up with our boyfriend IMG_1490or girlfriend, having a disagreement with a loved one, stress at the office.  But there’s one common bond with all of these things…  Can you guess what it is?  Can you guess the common bond of all suffering?

Separation causes all suffering!  I’m talking about separation between the perception of your current reality & what you want; the gap of the wanting mind.  You might call this expectations, wanting, desire, attachment.  Call it what you will, but ultimately, it’s the view of dis ease in your  mind, or a state of mental unrest resulting from a perceived gap between what you have, or what is, and what you want.  We all struggle with this challenge each day, but there’s a way to combat it which is pretty simple, but takes consistent application to attain success.

We Must Learn Unconditional Love aka Radical Acceptance.  I’m not referring to unconditional love of others.  I’m referring to unconditional love  & radical acceptance of everything that life throws at you.  By the way, don’t mistake what I’m saying here.  I’m not suggesting you stop going to work or check-out from life.  Instead, I’m suggesting that when there is a situation and you think there’s a gap between what you want & what you have, try smiling & practicing unconditional love & radical acceptance of the situation.  Try to see the situation as the perfection of nature.  Nature meant for this to happen at this moment.  Who are we to question it.  The more we learn to see things as absolute perfection, the closer we’ll be to viewing every situation as beautifully as we believe the rose above is.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I’m thankful people like you read these posts.  My sincere hope is that someone, somewhere gets peace & joy from reading these posts by learning wise ways to manage their mind & emotions.

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free of suffering.

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Hello, My Name is Failure

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?  Mine is to fail :-).  Huh?!?  Say What?   Freeing your mindOf course my goal isn’t to literally fail, but my goal is to have unconditional love & acceptance for whatever life throws me.  To me, that’s more important than anything else because it supersedes any other attainment.  It’s a cure all.  If you can cultivate unconditional acceptance & gratitude for whatever life throws you, do you think you need “success” in the conventional sense?  Nope, my friends.  Not even a little bit.  Because once you develop unconditional acceptance, you transcend the need to attain the merely labeled success that society has taught us was so important.

So What Is Success Anyway?  

So what do you envision when you hear the word success?  I bet there are houses, cars, spouses & kids in your image, right?  The problem- The pain of attaining merely labeled “success” far outweighs the pay-off.  Once you surpass poverty & make about $50k-$70k/year, studies show that jumping up to $250k/year won’t make you any happier than $50-$70k does.  But the pain & cost of going from $50k to $250k is HEFTY.  Constant anxiety, deadlines, 60 hour work weeks, etc. are pretty standard for someone making that kind of dough.  I’m not telling you not to make a lot of money.  You can do whatever you want.  But, I would like to help you see reality & understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.  Are you doing this to be happier, or because “they” told you to?

Can Someone be Successful & Miserable?  

The unfortunate answer is Yes.  Many successful people are mean, unhappy, depressed, and generally drained of joy.  And it’s because the cost of attaining the commonly understood definition of success is very high.

I’d Like a Serving of Failure Please.

So if we’re all pre-programmed to succeed because that’s the “thing to do”, then most of us have been conditioned to have a serious aversion to failure, right?  That causes incredible anxiety & suffering in hundreds of thousands of people.  Drug companies sell billions of dollars worth of prescription medications because there’s a gap between what people want & their reality, or worse yet, there’s a chance people won’t get what they want which causes anxiety, and that too needs to be medicated.  Surely, there are some people that need medications, but we should explore the root of anxiety, fear, depression, unhappiness which is a fundamental inability to accept & embrace life.  To that end, what if we vigorously accept the notion of failing.  Let me say that again:  what if we concentrate on developing an acceptance of failure.    This requires a fundamental shift of our views.

Concept Schmoncept 

In order for us to have fear of failure, we must believe that it exists.  But the thing is- Failure is only an idea. A concept.  A thought.  Failure has no physical characteristics, size, location, color, weight, or physical existence.  Failure only exists in your mind, and it only exists because we keep the idea of failure alive.  Every moment we acknowledge failure, it remains on life support & continues to have around the clock care from the best nurses in our mind.  Think about it- does failure exist anywhere in the room that you’re in right now?  Is it floating around like dust particles, or like vapor?  No, of course not.  And can you say definitively that the fear of failure that exists in your mind is the same as the fear of failure that exists in my mind?  Of course not, and why?  Because our life experiences predicate how we see the world, how we feel emotions, etc.  The conclusion is that concepts only exist to the degree we keep them alive in our minds.  This is incredibly empowering because it means we can chose to radically accept whatever happens in life.

You’re Absolutely Perfect


Do you think the dog or the tree in this picture are self conscious about their weight? Do you think they’re worried about being accepted?  No, the tree leans left for the sun, and the dog, well she’s just Nila, pure dog :-). But I bet you don’t see the 2nd dog, Sita.  They accept life in a very simple sense, and we can too if we guard our minds & focus on understanding how to be happy which happens when we let go of the concepts we smother & grasp with our minds. Do I look fat in this shirt; am I going to look stupid asking this question. On & on we torture ourselves by clinging to these concepts that we take as really existing.  I bet nobody ever told you that you’re absolutely perfect.  So, I, Jason McDonald, hereby tell you with the utmost love and compassion in my heart, that you are completely 100% perfect.  And there’s nothing you can do to change that.  No online course will make you less perfect.  Nor will making more money, making less money, getting promoted,  getting fired, becoming fat, losing weight, buying a car, or breaking your iPhone.  None of these things will change your natural purity of perfection.  Your perfect just like trees, air, water, dogs, and the sound of a penny spinning on a table (sound nature).  In your most naked sense, you’re pure just like these things.  Dropping the adjectives, descriptions, expectations, hopes, fears, anger, desire, and a host of other mere thoughts & ideas that we’re imprisoned by, you’re perfect.  Be gentle toward yourself, be kind towards others, & understand this potent reality that all beings are exactly the same:  we want happiness & freedom from suffering, and it’s that simple.  And remember that whenever you so choose, you can let the perfection that is love & compassion warm your heart in such a way that you perceive everything else as absolute perfection.  The next time someone in a giant truck pulls in front of you on the highway & smokes you (yes that actually happened to me last weekend – they blew smoke at me & exhaust fumes), you can say that’s absolutely perfect & smile.  When your boss pressures you, it’s absolutely perfect.   Drop your preferences & radically accept life.  You’ll learn a new sense of liberation that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free of suffering on this most beautiful Thanksgiving eve.

Written with Love!  🙂

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3 Ways to Eliminate Anger & Unhappiness


We’re human right!  We all deal with anger differently, but Anger is something that can ruin someone’s life. There are hundreds of thousands of people imprisoned, divorced, and lonely right now as you read this blog simply because they couldn’t manage their anger.  My sincere hope is for you to learn something from this post to help bring about peacefulness, thus reducing your anger in the future.



Here are 3 Tips to Unhook Yourself From Anger: 


  1. Analyze The Nature of Anger:  Take 10 slow, deep breaths through your nose and contemplate what anger actually is.  Does it have a physical form?  Where does it actually exist?  Is it any more real than an imaginary elephant standing in your living room?  Does anger exist anywhere other than your mind?  Did you know what anger was when you were born?  Were you born angry?  Who taught you anger?  If you learned anger, can you unlearn it so that you can be completely free from the imprisonment of anger’s grasp?
  2. Analyze the Nature of Opinions:  Beneath your anger is a series of perceptions & views.  Analyze where these views came from.  Did you have these views the day you were born?  Who taught you these views?  Maybe parents, teachers, TV stars, newspapers, Facebook friends, neighbors, the coolest kid in school?  Are the views really yours?  Did you create the views?  Can the views be said to be definitively right or wrong?  Are your views about this person who upset you any different than your view about your favorite color?  Would you argue over someone’s favorite color?  If your opinions & views are simply repurposed thoughts you learned from someone else, are they really something worth getting angry over
  3. Consider Their Likeness:  The other person you’re angry about is exactly like you.  Here’s why I know that:  every being wants 2 things: a)  Freedom from Suffering, b) Happiness.  If this person is just like you, then why are you creating a distance between you & them in your mind?  is this anger & distance going to help you be happier?  Do they want anything other than happiness & freedom from suffering?  If they are just like you in their core wants as a human, can you focus more on the similarities between you & them than the differences

In Summary:  By consistently meditating & contemplating my thinking, I’ve learned that my thoughts cannot hurt me unless I consider them to be real.  That said, they still do on a daily basis, but I analyze them, contemplate their true nature, and attempt to let them go so that I may find peace & freedom from suffering.  Remember, your thoughts & views were given to you by others, and they’re no more real the elephant standing in your living room right now.  Let them go, and let peace come.

Thanks for reading this blog, and I wish you peace & freedom from suffering.  🙂

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This Moment is the ONLY Moment


We’re all so busy checking email, texting, hitting Facebook, posting a pic on Instagram, blogging, logging into, Tweeting, watching TV, creating a presentation for our boss…. When we get in the car, it’s hard not to pull out our iPhone to check email while we’re driving.  We’re terrified we might miss something.  When our wife or husband is talking to us, we’re trying to talk to them & finish reading that last email we “think” is so important.

What’s really sad is that WE ARE MISSING SOMETHING.  It’s called life.  When we’re obsessing over yesterday or tomorrow, we are obsessing over hallucinations that do not exist.  Think about that for a moment:  all of the time we spend upset, angry, and hurt about past events in our life are moments that are over and do not exist, but we’re keeping those painful moments on life support to extend our misery by rehashing all the scenarios over and over.  No suffering in the world exists outside of our minds.  But we have to get back to this moment & let go of the obsessions about yesterday and tomorrow if we want to be happy.

This moment right here IS POWERFUL, but only if we’re actually here!  It has the ability to bring you peace, joy, contentment, freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety, gratitude, love, compassion, genuine sustainable happiness.  But you have to let this moment do its job.  Gently let go, and let this moment do its wonderful work.  Take a deep breath, exhale, and smile at this moment.  Be still for a moment without the devices and feel calmness.

Enjoy your newfound peace :-).  See you soon!

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The Difference Between a Winner and A Loser

Tony Robbins on the difference between a winner and a loser.

2 Performance Coaching takeaways from the video:
1. When two people meet, the one that is more certain will influence the other.
2. The difference between wild success and failure is a millimeter.

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